Treasury & Working Capital Management

Forex Management

Managing Forex is an activity that encompasses various functions right from recognizing and capturing exposures, to execution and negotiation with the banks. It also includes hedging based on the business cycles and defined risk management policy. It also needs real time market information, sound analytics and preparing of regular MIS for the management.

At Arithra we offer comprehensive solution for Treasury and Forex management. We standardize and optimize the treasury functions across the organisation. Our team, with decades of experience in forex markets, works closely with the company to ensure a process driven risk management practice and competitive forex rates. One of the major value additions comes in the form of experienced and dedicated team to handle all forex and treasury related matters.

Value Proposition

  • Real time capturing of forex exposures through effective MIS
  • Experienced and specialised team available for forex consultation
  • Ease of execution and bank negotiation.
  • Ensuring proper risk management.

Working Capital Management

Most organisations have the potential to unlock substantial amounts of cash from their balance sheets by focusing on active working capital management. In times of reduced access to bank funding, this is the simplest way of infusing liquidity into the system.

The fundamental principles of optimizing Working Capital are simple – reduce Current Assets, mainly inventory and receivables, at the same time increase Current Liabilities. Most organisations especially the mid-market ones find it hard to optimise working capital.

We enable our client companies to engineer structural and systemic changes that improve working capital management on a sustained basis. Members of our senior management team have multiple years of experience at delivering sustained working capital performance both as advisors as well as time spent in companies as CFOs.  Our team works at building financial resilience by improving working capital practices through thoughtful planning and process optimization. From order to cash to procure-to-pay, our comprehensive services suite explores and manages all avenues for optimization in the working capital cycle.

We work with our clients, from startups to mid-market companies, to enhance liquidity and operating efficiencies, across the economic cycle.

Value Proposition

  • Benchmarking exercise to compare performance against peers and identify potential improvement opportunities
  • Process improvements across Procure to Pay to Order to Cash cycles
  • Facilitate additional growth with existing working capital
  • Reduce debt and hence the finance cost
  • Improved visibility by continuous cash flow planning