Our Approach

At Arithra, we approach every engagement with considerations of the uniqueness of the client business, their strategic objectives and business priorities. Our strength lies in taking highly unstructured and somewhat ambiguous data sets and putting structure around them by integrating information from disparate sources, measuring & monitoring performance, managing risk and instilling predictability into the business.
An effective strategy enabling becoming more strategic is to automate much of the routine work. We have developed and or provide technology tools to enable our clients to

• Manage regulatory and statutory compliances
• Integrate data between their operating and financial software
• Manage financial planning, reporting and analysis
• Manage their trade finance and foreign exchange exposure

By using our proprietary technology tools and automation to handle routing and recurring work we free up our time to focus on issues which are more strategic in nature and which help increase the intrinsic value of the client’s business.
Our approach helps establish a transparent, streamlined and efficient finance function.

If you would like to discuss your business finance concerns with us, contact us. We’re here, and we’ll listen.