Financial Planning & Analysis

FP&A focuses on transforming business data into a reliable, relevant and actionable intelligence using business intelligence and reporting tools.  FP&A answers strategic questions, forecasts for the future, ensures a timely accounting close, prepares board reporting packages, preps the executive team, assists in decision making process to divest a division, analyzes product line profitability, performs due diligence on an acquisition and does the budget.

Although the FP&A function has been a key component of the office of the CFO for decades, with the increasingly faster pace of change, its prominence has vastly increased in the past 4-5 years.

Our FP&A team enables you to know how to influence and predict your financial future. We provide insights and aid strategic decision-making for not just accelerating revenue & profitability growth, but also for predictability. We focus on transforming your business data into a reliable, relevant and actionable intelligence. Our analysis peers into the depths of financial statements, establishing operational dependencies and consequently deriving a more accurate forecast.

Vast majority of a company’s value is derived from its future earnings. We in conjunction with the management team develop various financial forecasts that plan how the company will achieve those earnings. In addition we also work as business partners on various projects to increase revenue, decrease cost and optimize company performance in support of achieving those future earnings as well.

The iterative forecast process involves root-cause analysis across every stage and is the basis for all business drivers based planning, budgeting and continuous improvement.

Management Reporting and Dashboards: 

Timely and meaningful information is critical for effective business management. We help define, design and implement dashboard of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and build monthly financial reporting packages enabling management to focus on the health of the business. In order to capture financial information accurately at source, we restructure the financial software to include relevant cost centers and chart of accounts.

By leveraging our cloud based technology platform Navigo, we deliver the reports and analysis online, thereby allowing us to engage our clients more on strategic intent and less on transactional reporting.

Financial Planning
Define drivers and KPIs
Annual Business Plan
Rolling Forecasts
Cashflow Planning
Financial Reporting
Balance Sheet
(consolidated and by entities)
Profit and Loss Statement
(consolidated by entities, by segments-products, projects, verticals etc)
Cashflow Statement
(consolidated and by entities)
Working Capital Analysis
Revenue Analysis
Expense Analysis
Profitability Analysis
Efficiency Analysis
Variance Analysis
Margin Analysis
Pricing Analysis
Scenario Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis
Trend Analysis
Predictive Analysis