Financial Planning & Analysis

FP&A’s core focus revolves around converting business data into dependable, pertinent, and actionable insights through the application of business intelligence and reporting tools. This function addresses strategic inquiries, predicts future scenarios, primes the executive leadership, aids in decision-making, evaluates product line profitability, conducts meticulous due diligence for acquisitions, and skillfully manages budgetary processes.

Our FP&A team empowers you to shape and predict your financial future. We offer insights that guide strategic decision-making, not only to enhance revenue and profitability growth but also to enhance predictability. Our core focus is on converting your business data into dependable, pertinent, and actionable insights. Our analyses delve deep into financial statements, unveiling operational interdependencies, resulting in more precise forecasts.

The predominant share of a company’s value is derived from its future earnings. Our collaboration with the management team involves crafting diverse financial forecasts that chart the company’s path towards achieving these earnings. Furthermore, we operate as strategic partners, engaging in projects aimed at boosting revenue, reducing costs, and enhancing overall company performance in alignment with the pursuit of future earnings.

The iterative forecast process forms the bedrock of our approach. It encompasses root-cause analysis at each juncture and serves as the foundation for all business-driver-centric planning, budgeting, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Efficient business management hinges on timely and insightful information. Our expertise lies in establishing, crafting, and executing dashboards featuring pertinent key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, we construct comprehensive monthly financial reporting packages that empower management to concentrate on the overall well-being of the enterprise. To ensure precise financial data collection from the origin, we undertake the restructuring of financial software, incorporating relevant cost centers and chart of accounts. This strategic approach streamlines the process, enhancing the accuracy and utility of financial information.

Management Reporting and Dashboards: 

Timely and meaningful information is critical for effective business management. We help define, design and implement dashboard of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and build monthly financial reporting packages enabling management to focus on the health of the business. In order to capture financial information accurately at source, we restructure the financial software to include relevant cost centers and chart of accounts.

By leveraging our cloud based technology platform Navigo, we deliver the reports and analysis online, thereby allowing us to engage our clients more on strategic intent and less on transactional reporting.